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Well, here is where you get to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know.
Ok, now for those of you that are still here-- let me begin.

I was born in Denton, TX on January 12, 1980. I really have no idea what
time I was born. Who really cares anyway?? But I was a big baby, 8 pounds
or something, and I had blond hair, but I've grown out of the blond and
into the brown now. During my early childhood days(those days when you are
still young and impressionable, although I probably am still young and
impressionable)I lived in this little(really little, less than a thousand)
town called Aubrey. Oh the joy! Actually I had a good time there. I was
just a little kid and little kids can have a good time anywhere. Then all
this crap happened(inevitably it always happens)and I lived with my mom for
a while, and then with my dad for half a year, and then back with my mom,
blah blah blah, total chaos, typical my-parents-are-getting-a-divorce-and-i-
dont-know-why story. Still, I was just a child.

But finally, by the time 5th grade rolled around I ended up settling down
in the quaint, picturesque town of Waxahachie. Bigger than Aubrey, but
still small enough by most standards. It's a nice town, but it is a small
town with small town stories and small town people. I hate to categorize
and put labels on things and pack them away into snug little corners, but
there is at least some truth to it. You should just stop by sometime and
take a look at our paper "The Waxahachie Daily Light". Only 50 cents a
copy for the most terrible articles ever written. My mother and I
wondered if these people had gotten a high school diploma, but then we
realized that they had probably spent their whole lives in Waxahachie and
that explained it. This is giving me a really great idea. I think I will
put up a section on my page for the Waxahachie Daily Light, and whenever
I see a really horrible article I'll post it, but I'll probably have to
pick and choose because there are terrible articles in every paper.

Sorry for that sidetracking. Anyway, I'm now settled down in Waxahachie. I
endured all those confusing and wildly fun times of junior high and high
school here in this pretty little town. Actually, when I was in junior high
I didn't speak at all so it wasn't incredibly fun. During high school I
finally started to emerge from my shell. Oh, but let me backtrack just a
bit. I started playing piano in the sixth grade. I begged my parents to
let me take lessons, and so of course they did. And I have been playing and
composing ever since, and I haved loved every minute of it. My brother, on
the other hand, has not(loved every minute of it). I'm not sure what the
ratio of minutes loved to minutes loathed would be, but I'm thinking it
might not be in my favor.

Despite his complaints(and yes, there were the occasional compliments)I
kept on playing. Sometimes even my mother asked me to stop. I won't bother
to tell about all my little high school accomplishments because you don't
really want to hear that do you? Good, I didn't think so, because I really
don't want to hear about it either.

Presently I am attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA(just for
your information, if you'd like to go to Berklee, you don't really have to
have any talent(although it helps), come to think of it I don't even think
you have to have a high school diploma, cuz the school will be glad to work
around all those little details with you if you just have the money). And
trust me, it's expensive. At least to my litte small-town self it is. But
I am having a great time there and looking forward to my second year this
coming fall. Ok, now I have to advertise(like anybody is really going to
make it this far, but just in case). If you'd like to order one of my CD's
click HERE!