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The Eye of the World is the first book in a fantasy series
by Robert Jordan. I would have never started reading this
series if it were not for my younger brother, Jordan(hmm...)
Jordan(Robert, that is) has created a whole new world with
this series with a huge colorful cast of characters you
actually care about. This is music inspired by the book!


1. Prologue - Dragonmount
2. Main Titles
3. The Gleeman
4. Trolloc Raid
     Sample 1
     Sample 2
5. The Aes Sedai Heals Tam
6. Love Theme
7. Perrin's Theme (Yellow Eyes)
     Sample 1
     Sample 2
8. Separation
9. Rand's Theme
10. Shayol Ghul
     Sample 1
     Sample 2
11. The Blight
12. The Commons Room
13. Rand Battles the Dark One
14. End Titles