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The Illustrated Man is a fantastic collection of short stories by
Ray Bradbury.  If you haven't read it you should definitely check
it out.  Bradbury is an amazing writer with an incredible imagination,
and his stories are full of beautiful imagery and subtle detail.


1. The Veldt
Part I - Such Lovely Children
Part II - The Veldt
Part III - The Lions' Feast

2. Kaleidoscope
Part I - "Explosion"
Part II - "Falling"
Part III - "Screaming"
Part IV - "Shooting Star"

3. The Rocketman
Part I - "The Rocketman Comes Home"
Part II - "Leading Two Lives"
Part III - "A Broken Promise"

4. The Long Rain
Part I - "The Long Rain"
Part II - Slowly Dying  
Part III - "Finding the Sun Dome"

5. The Fox in the Forest
Part I - Fireworks in Mexico
Part II - "Memories of the Future"
Part III - Discovery and Capture

6. The Highway
Part I
Part II