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Hello and welcome to my humble domain. Enjoy your stay.

Update 11/27/00 -- Well this isn't really much of an update... I'm just putting up a sample of the arrangment I'm working on for the KFSS Majestic Mix project. This is a really rough arrangement that hasn't even been mixed or anything, but it will give you an idea of what's going on. Go check out the KFSS webpage at Elia Maiden of Water

Update 7/24/00 -- Yeah. As you can see I update my page ALL the time. Here are some pictures from the Boston/Ohio adventure... or was it just some surreal week-long dream I had... I'm still not sure ^_^ Sorry I didn't really get any good pictures of you mike, but I like the one with you licking the wall. "EEEWwwwwww, GROSS!!!!"

Update 1/24/00 -- I got a Roland JV-1010 Sound Module for Christmas... well for Christmas and birthday and some of next christmas all rolled into one... But I've been playing with it a lot and experimenting with all these new sounds. Check out these new songs. These are all written with the JV-1010.

The Color of Water
Breaking the Walls
The African Experiment
Orchestral Prelude
Mornings(from The Color of Water)


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