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These are just some random pieces inspired by all sorts of things--
a beautiful snowfall, the traumatic experience of losing my backpack,
the twinkle in the eye of my friend--and the list goes on and on...  and on..

 Ode to My Lost Backpack
 French Vanilla With Lots of Cream and Five Sugars
 Prelude No.1 in Cb major
 Prelude No.2 in Ab major
 Noir Cafe (or Cafe Noir if I weren't pretending to be a dumb american)
 A Simple Plan - Main Titles
 Pleasantville - Main Titles
 Pleasantville - The Colored Kids Swing
 Enigma - Sample 1
 Enigma - Sample 2
 Dreamers Wake
 Only God
 God is the Rose
 White City
 The Red Horse of War
 The Marketplace
 Into the Mountains
 The Last View - Sample 1
 The Last View - Sample 2